LITO ~ Laser Imaging Through Obscurants

Shortwave IR laser system is safe to human eye

 Ultra-narrowband optical filter removes unwanted background radiation (i.e. flame, solar, etc.)

 Gated camera removes scatter from glass/fog/smoke

 Polarization discrimination increases signal to noise

System Attributes

  • Shortwave IR system can image through fire, smoke, haze, fog, water vapor, glass   naval_use
  • Illuminated SWIR imagery – object detail
  • Range to the target, target size, and motion of the target
  • Equivalent day or night performance
  • Configurable for many platforms (i.e. aircraft, ship, truck, handheld)


Airborne Platforms for LITO

Civilian Aircraft      plane in fog

  • Take-offs/landings from environmentally obscured runways
  •  Medical/News Helicopters

Military Aircraft 
     helo in storm

  • Take-offs/landings from environmentally obscured (fog, haze, rain) runways
  • Carrier landings in severe weather
  • Brownout/Whiteout conditions
  • Smoke/fire environment for evac helos



Shipboard Platforms for LITO

Naval    naval_use

  • In-Port surveillance
  • Shipboard firefighting
  • Open water cruising through environmental obscurants (piracy)


Civilian Shipping         coast guard rescue

  • Merchant Marine
  • Fireboats
  • Tugboats
  • Search and Rescue
  • Rail Carrier transport



Vehicle Mounted/Portable Platforms

Military Applications       helo

  • Camouflage fires
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Laser range finders/designators
  • Laser targeting systems
  • Homeland security surveillance


Firefighting      firefighters

  • Searching for trapped victims in environmentally obscured conditions
  • Searching for hazards i.e. downed wires, holes in floors, missing steps
  • Forest fires
  • 1st responders to natural disaster/terrorist attacks


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