Company Overview

LITO Technologies, Inc. is an Ohio corporation. LITO stands for laser imaging through obscurants and was a request of National
Aeronautics and Space   peeps.2Administration (NASA) that resulted in NASA SBIR Phase III development of technologies to accomplish this. RL Associates located in Pennsylvania was awarded the SBIR contract and completed the project Phase I, Phase II and Phase III. RL Associates obtained the patents as its assets for commercialization.

As a direct result of the NASA Technology Days event held in Cleveland Ohio in November 2012, a Master Collaboration Agreement was presented and signed with Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator, Inc., d.b.a. XGEM, Inc. of Ohio for the commercialization of the named project called – OPERATION LITO. The Master Collaborations Agreements allows for the private sector to request work assistance from NASA as part of the commercialization agreement and communicates all work being performed for OPERATION LITO to NASA Glenn and NASA Langley agencies as written.

NASA Glenn provided a Space Act Agreements for installing the LITO Security System at NASA Glenn in Cleveland, OH. The installation consists of an invisible laser perimeter and special camera located on a Pod that rotates to where a breach has taken place on the perimeter. Images are transmitted to a central control via Internet Protocol for recognition and then forwarded to First Responders if necessary.

With the initial demo site in place, NASA can share their experience with military components and Homeland Security as well as other government agencies. Airports, borders, fields, pipelines, waterways, railways, and fuel depots are all part of the market initially that will benefit from LITO Technologies and its Security System.

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